Oct. 11, 2021

Fall Is a Great Time to Sell!

Sept. 20, 2021

Is Fall the New Spring Housing Market?


You've heard that the spring season is the time of year to sell your home, right? It’s true, spring is a hot period for real estate, but there are opportunities to sell your home outside of those three months as well. In fact, sales figures are increasingly showing that another season is quickly gaining ground as a great time for home sales. Yes, the fall is getting noticed.

More and more, the spring market remains incredibly strong with families who are looking to buy their next house before the upcoming school year.  The fall, meanwhile, has become a popular home-buying time for all other buyers who don’t need to let the school year dictate their purchasing decision and can avoid the extra competition of the spring. That makes Fall a great time to sell!

 Reasons to sell in the Fall:

  • Demand is Strong: Buyers are out in force looking for their dream homes! Buyers are often competing with one another for the listings that are available.
  • There is Less Competition Now: Housing inventory is still under the 6-month supply that is needed for a normal housing market. This means that there are not enough homes for sale to satisfy the number of buyers in the market.
  • There Will Never Be a Better Time to Move Up: Prices are projected to appreciate over the next year. If you are moving to a higher-priced home, it will wind up costing you more in both down payment and mortgage payment, if you wait.
  • It’s Time To Move On: Look at the reason you decided to sell in the first place and determine whether it is worth waiting. Perhaps the time has come for you and your family to move on and start living the life you deserve.

What does this mean for you as a seller?

It means if you’re looking to sell your house, fall may be a more attractive time to do so than ever before. Competition in the market is increasing, but many home sellers still do not list their home during the fall months and choose to wait for spring again. This in turn means less competition for you and hopefully more and better offers.

If you do decide to list in the fall, be prepared that things can move more quickly, as many buyers and sellers want to have the transaction complete before winter. This could lead to faster, better offers, so if you receive an offer you like, don’t be afraid to take it and complete your fall sale as quickly as possible.


Aug. 23, 2021

Fun Hot Dog Cookies for Labor Day!



           White Frosting

            1 vanilla wafer

            1 miniature chocolate or cherry chew, such as Tootsie Roll Midgees

            Yellow gel food coloring

            1 green gummy bear



            Spoon about a teaspoon of white frosting onto a piece of parchment paper and

            spread into a small circle.  To make the hot dog bun, cut a vanilla wafer in

            half.  Arrange the wafer halves cut-side down over the white frosting.

            Sandwich the chocolate chew between the wafer halves.


            Mix white frosting with yellow food coloring in a small bowl.  Transfer the

            yellow frosting to a pastry bag fitted with a very small round tip.  Pipe the

            yellow frosting onto the chocolate chew as mustard.  Finely chop the gummy

            bear and sprinkle on as relish.



July 26, 2021

21 Small Ways to Make Life Simpler!

By Henrik Edberg


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo da Vinci


“The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein


I love simplifying my life. It makes me more effective and life less stressful. It makes me calmer and happier.


But where do you start? Or continue if you are already on your way?


In this week's article I’d like to share 21 small habits that help me to live a simpler life.


Pick one of these to get started and keep doing it until it sticks and becomes just another normal part of your life.


1. Breathe.


When stressed, lost in a problem (or a mistake) or the past or future in your mind breathe with your belly for two minutes and just focus on the air going in and out.


This will calm your body down and bring your mind back into the present moment again.


2. Do one thing at a time.


You’ll get better results and feel better and less stressed while doing those things.


3. Write it all down.


Use your mind for better things than remembering what to do. And the mind is often like a leaky bucket.


So write down all your great ideas, insights and thoughts before they go missing somewhere and add what you need to do to a to-do list.


4. Do all your food shopping once a week.


You’ll save time, energy and – in my experience – money.


5. Stop trying to do things perfectly.


It will only get you stuck and drain your self-esteem.


Go for good enough instead and when you are there you are done. Get things all the way to done this way and then move on to the next thing.


6. Stop doing what you don’t like doing anymore.


Life changes and so do you.


If you don't like doing something anymore then stop doing that (even if it may take some time before you can do so by for example switching jobs).


7. Pack your bag before you go to bed.


Then you don’t have to get stressed out by that in morning and you are less likely to forget something.


8. Throw out the things you haven’t used in 1 year.


Go through what you have and ask yourself if you have used it in the past year. If not, give it away to charity or a friend or simply throw it out.


9. Ask yourself simplifying questions every day.


Questions like:


What is the most important thing I can do right now?

What is one small step I can take to simplify this situation?


10. Keep everything in its place.


If everything has its own place then it is whole lot easier to keep your home reasonably ordered and decluttered from day to day.


This also helps you with your inner stillness as the outer environment affects how you feel on the inside.


11. Cook more food than you’ll eat.


We usually make four or more servings of what we're about to eat. This cuts down on time that you spend on cooking and you’ll have to do less washing up in general.


Plus, it’s good to have portions of food to bring to work to save some money.


12. Write shorter emails.


I tend to write emails containing only a few sentences, usually between one and five. If you focus on keeping it short and focused then you’ll probably discover that this is a good solution in most cases.


13. Ask instead of guessing.


Reading minds is hard. So, instead ask questions and communicate.


This will help you to minimize unnecessary conflicts, misunderstandings, negativity and waste of time and energy.


14. Use a minimalistic workspace.


My workspace contains a big monitor and a laptop on an adjustable standing desk. I use a comfy chair and there is room for my glass of water beside the computer.


That’s it. There are no distractions here. Just me, the computer and the water.


15. Check everything just once a day.


I check my email inboxes, blog statistics, my online earnings, Twitter and Facebook just once a day.


I combine all that checking into one small daily ritual at the end of my workday so I don’t slip and go checking it more during the day and waste my energy and attention.





16. Choose small daily acts of kindness.


Instead of small acts of judgment and criticism towards the people around you (and towards yourself).


17. Stop trying to please everyone.


There will always be people who you don’t get along with or that do not like you for some reason.


18. Don’t make mountains out of molehills.


Before you start thinking too much about something and building it up something big in your head, ask yourself:


Am I making a mountain out of a molehill here?

And if you get lost in victim thinking then ask yourself:

Does anyone on the planet have it worse than me right now?


19. Spend 10-15 minutes each Sunday or Monday morning to plan out the week.


Write down your plans for the week, organize your prioritized to-do list and get ready for the week before you are in the middle of it all.


This will help you to find more clarity, get more of the most important things done next week and minimize stress.


20. Cancel subscriptions for things you rarely get around to watching or reading anyway.


21. Spend more time with the people that help you to keep things simple.


And spend less time with – or move forward and away from – the people that drag you down into overcomplicating everything and creating unnecessary drama.


To read the full article, please click here.

July 26, 2021

6 Tips to Win in a Hot Seller’s Market!

1) Accept current market realities

     It’s a seller’s market. Be ready for competition.

2) Cash is King

     Typically, sellers love all cash deals with a quick close.

3) Pre-approval Letter > Pre-qualification Letter

     If financing, get pre-approved if you can.

4) When financing, close as quick as possible

     Quick closes are ideal for sellers.

5) Be flexible with contract terms

     Paying for items typically charged to the seller (i.e. home warranty, title fees)

     or being flexible with offer terms can help get a deal done.

6) Use a trusted buyer’s agent

     Using the right agent can make all the difference when you are in a bidding war.

     In the market or have questions? Reach out, I am happy to assist you!


June 14, 2021

7 Etiquette Rules Every Home Seller Should Know

You have probably worked very hard to get your home ready to sell. It is scrubbed and staged and in immaculate shape.  However, your home isn’t the only thing under scrutiny.  You are too! No matter how nice your home, it is also your behavior that can affect how buyers feel about making an offer.

Here are some unwritten etiquette rules sellers should follow to show their home—and themselves—in the best possible light.


Although you are dying to know what prospective buyers think about your home, realtors agree that sellers should not be there lurking in the shadows during an open house or showing. Buyers don’t feel comfortable when the owner is at the home watching their every move. Get out of their way so that they can start to picture themselves living in your home.

Take Your Pets With You

Although I am sure your pet is the cutest thing ever, not everyone will share that opinion. In addition to having allergies, some home shoppers may not be in the market for a run-in with an animal they don’t know. Leaving your beloved pets behind also puts unnecessary stress on them as they may not love the idea of strangers in their home. Take your dog for a car ride, to the dog park, or for a long walk. It will do you both good.

Move Your Car

Make it easy for visitors to park and view the home.  No one likes parking issues. If potential buyers have to park a block away and walk, they may just skip taking the tour of your home.

Lay Out Important Documents

If questions arise while buyers are on the premises, it may help them decide to put in an offer that much faster if they can find answers quickly and in writing. Leave any necessary documents you have on the home in an easy-to-find spot.  Put out the home inspection report, appraisal, home warranty, survey, HOA information, monthly utility bill information, and proof of any major repairs.

Be Patient Waiting for Feedback

Feedback will be requested on your showings. Please understand it could take a day or two for the buyer’s agent to respond. Buyers often want to process what they’ve seen and think it over before making an offer. If one comes through, don’t worry, you’ll hear about it!

Don’t Be Greedy

Everyone wants top dollar for their home But remember, an unwillingness to negotiate can kill a possible deal and keep your home on the market long after you were hoping to be unpacking at your new place. Focusing on your bottom line is always important, but greed can lead to disaster. Remember a little of something is better than a lot of nothing.

Listen to the Professionals

Listen to your realtor about suggestions for improvements that may help sell the home faster. Take them to heart but don’t take them personally. One Plus Realty is always ready to help!


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May 24, 2021

County Market Snapshots - April 2021

The real estate market is still going strong!  Below are market snapshots for Collin and surrounding counties for the month of April.


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