Mother’s Day is almost here and for many families that means celebrating apart. 

This year, you will need a mix of love and extra imagination to make your Mom feel special.  Below are a few ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day While Social Distancing.


Send a Video

Record a video listing the many reasons you appreciate your mom or be silly and sing her favorite song!

Window Visit and/or Drive-By

If you are lucky enough to live close by your Mom, then you can pack up and do a window visit or drive by.

Watch a Movie Together

You could decide on a time and day then pick out a movie or TV show that you want to watch together. Pop some popcorn and video chat so you can interact with each other.

Family Video Chat

Arrange a time that your Mom and your family can visit together. You can use Skype, Facetime, Zoom or Alexa.

Send her a Gift

You could go “old-school” and use snail mail! There is just something that is very special about a handwritten letter or card. You could also have your Mom’s favorite food delivered to her home or send her flowers.

Activity Gift Boxes

If you want to do more than virtually chat, add an activity!  Send your Mom a gift box with a fun activity like a DIY candle making kit, a terrarium gift kit or a personalized paint-by-number canvas.

At-Home Spa Day Kit

There are plenty of spa day gift boxes you can buy that your Mom will like. Keep it simple by providing a face mask, bubble bath, candles and maybe a nice bottle of champagne or her favorite drink.


Send a Care Package

Collect all of your Mom's favorite items and send them to her.  Grab her favorite snacks, candles, a book from her favorite authors, her favorite wine, a gift card to her favorite store ... the options are endless.

Keep in mind that Mother’s Day might look different this year. However, no matter what is going on in the world it doesn’t take away from the love you have for your Mother. It’s not what you “get” on Mother’s Day. It really is just nice to hear, “I love you, Mom. Thank you.” That is way more than enough.